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About BB&C

All of Banach, Banach & Cassidy's work is directed by one or both of its owners, 

Cynthia E. Banach and William J. Banach

About Cynthia E. Banach


            Cynthia is the President of Banach, Banach & Cassidy.  Her background is survey research, journalism, and school administration. Cynthia was the deputy superintendent and chief curriculum administrator at a regional education agency before assuming her responsibilities at BB&C.

            Cynthia is co-developer of The ABC Pre-election Audit.  She specializes in survey research, data base management, and the design and implementation of school finance elections.  She served as a local school board member for ten years (nine of them as Board President).


About Dr. William J. Banach


            Bill is CEO of Banach, Banach & Cassidy, and is nationally recognized for his issues management and social forecasting programs.  He is considered “the godfather” of educational marketing.  Bill has served as a local district, regional agency, and community college administrator. 

            Bill authored The ABC Series, four books focused on educational planning and marketing, the Survey Research Primer, and The ABCs of Teacher-Parent Communication.   His articles have appeared in over 100 journals and magazines, and he has served as the host of America’s Learning, a weekly, hour-long program on National Public Radio.  Bill specializes in survey research, societal forecasting, planning, and marketing strategy.


BB&C's Primary Practice Areas


            Banach, Banach & Cassidy’s primary focus is educational marketing.  This focus is supported by work in related disciplines, including…


  •             Survey research
  •             Strategic thinking and planning
  •             Issues management
  •             Finance campaign design and management
  •             School communication and marketing


BB&C's Experience


            BB&C designed campaigns have generated over $4 billion in revenue for school districts and colleges across the United States.    

            BB&C’s Campaign College training programs in Michigan and Indiana continue to help

School districts and corporations design and implement successful elections and referenda. 


            The ABC Pre-election Audit is a BB&C product that determines the probability of election success and generates a research-based campaign strategy.  BB&C clients using the Audit process have had a 100% success rate at the polls.


            BB&C has conducted survey research for the nation’s largest school accreditation organization (and was named the North Central Association’s “preferred vendor” for survey research).  BB&C has also conducted surveys for various political candidates, nonprofit organizations, and the gaming industry.


            BB&C has provided marketing assistance and outside insights to educational clients across North America.  The firm’s client list ranges from virtually every state and national administrative and school board association to state teacher associations and the National Education Association.  While BB&C works primarily with schools and the education community, BB&C’s principals have also worked with corporations such as Motorola and Miller Brewing, and has provided counsel to Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League.  

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