Banach, Banach & Cassidy is in the business of creating 

strategic advantage. 

Banach, Banach & Cassidy...

  • tracks societal trends;
  • conducts survey research and focus panels; and, 
  • designs educational marketing programs and finance campaigns. 

Banach, Banach & Cassidy provides outside insight to a client list that ranges from schools, colleges, and educational associations to members of the Fortune 100.

Finance campaigns designed by Banach, Banach & Cassidy have generated over $10 billion in revenue for school districts and colleges across America. 



     BB&C - designed campaigns have generated over $10 billion in revenue for school districts and colleges across the United States.

     BB&C’s training programs continue to help school districts

and colleges design and implement successful elections and referenda.

     The ABC Pre-Election Audit is a BB&C product that determines the probability of election success and generates a research-based campaign strategy. BB&C clients using the Audit and following the research-based strategy it generates have had a 100% success rate at the polls.

     BB&C has conducted survey research for the nation’s largest educational accreditation organization (and was named the organization's “preferred vendor” for survey research). BB&C has also conducted surveys for various political candidates, nonprofit organizations, and the gaming industry. 

     BB&C has provided marketing assistance and outside insight to educational clients across North America. The firm’s client list  ranges from virtually every state and national administrative and school board association to state teacher associations and the National Education Association. 

     While BB&C works primarily with schools and the education  community, BB&C’s principals have also provided counsel to U.S. government agencies, corporations such as Motorola and Miller Brewing, and to Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey League.